Hello! My name is Donna Gaillard; I was born in 1979, and I'm a resident of Johnson City, Tennesee. I have a career in quantitative analytics. What's the best way to deal with some problems that businesses face in regards to financial management? A bit of math - that's where I come in, and I've worked with banks as well as hedge funds and tech firms.

In my line of work, I have to say 'no' to a lot of people. It isn't always easy to do. In a job environment in which success is based on knowledge and merit rather than politics or networking, I can say it wasn't what I originally expected. But learning to say 'no' when it benefits me and other parties involved has been such a big help.

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Donna Gaillard

Hey there! My name is Tom Garcia. I was born in 1982, and I'm a resident of Poway, California, where I have lived just about most of my adult life. I graduated from the University of Oregon, and I work as a human resources manager. Upon beginning my career, I learned one thing very quickly - you can't make everyone happy!

Saying 'no' can be very challenging in a variety of situations, contrary to what a person might think. Learning to say it with confidence in those situations is better for not only you but everyone involved. I was shocked at how hard I found it to say 'no' sometimes to those who would come to me with grievances, and then I began to evaluate other relationships in their life. I realized it was a challenge in my personal life as well, and I knew that it was time for a change.

Becoming confident in my ability to say 'no' changed my life, and it can change yours. If it has, reach out to me through my website, ThePowerOfSayingNo.com, or through Facebook via The Power Of Saying No VIP group! When you join, you get access to exclusive content, sneak peeks at new releases, and more.

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Tom Garcia